Nicholas Souliotis

Principal & Founder

Nicholas Souliotis has been a financial advisor for 37 years, serving most of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Mr. Souliotis firms works with senior citizens and pre-retirees in Pennsylvania to help them establish a sound estate and finanial plan so that their retirment years can be enjoyed with the peace of mind that comes with finanical security.

Nicholas is a graduate of Villanova University with a B.S. degree in Economics and M.S. from Carnegie-Mellon University in Economics and Public Policy.  Also, Mr. Souliotis prepares income taxes for many of his clients since he is a registered tax preparer.

He can be contacted at 215-208-2052 and welcomes all people for a free no obligation, introductory meeting to discuss their estate and financial plans, along with Mr. Porreca.

Penn Estate Plannin Advisors, Inc., has been in business since 1999.

Phone 2152082052