Living Trust Package

  • A Properly drawn Revocable Living Trust "tailored" to your individual needs, wants and desires.
  • Durable General Assets Powers of Attorney, Health Care Powers of Attorney, & Living Wills.
  • Pour over Wills, Conservatorship Nominations
  • Complete Funding assistance to properly place all your jointly titled assets in your Trust to avoid probate, and assign personal assets and personal effects to your Living Trust.
  • Complete notarization of all Trust documents. 
  • Complete settlement assistance for the surviving spouse and or heirs to the family Trust at no additional cost.
  • LIFETIME support for all your Estate Trust needs after your Trust is delivered.


All Real Estate Assets are placed into the trust via a Warranty Claim Deed prepared by the Attorney.  Penn Estate Planning Advisors, Inc. delivers the deeds with the final draft of the trust and the deeds are to be signed by the trustors/trustees (clients) at the date of the trust execution.  Penn Estate Planning Advisors, Inc., with deliver and file the deeds at the respective Recorder of Deeds Offices where the Properties are located.  However, the client is responsible for the filing fee which varies by the County.  The filing fee is typically about $50 to $65 per deed depending on the County.  A separate check is collect from the client's made out to "Recorder of Deeds" at the time the Trust is delivered and notarized by Penn Estate Planing Advisors, Inc.

Financial assets that are normally titled jointly or non-qualified assets are re-titled to the trust.  They could include Stock Certificates, Brokerage Accounts, Mutual Funds, Credit Union Accounts, US Savings Bonds, and/or Bank Accounts such as Checking, Savings, Money Market or Certificates of Deposit(s).  It may be necessary for the clients to assist us in contacting the financial institutions for their own forms, that those institutions may require.  And the clients are responsible for mailing the paperwork completed by Penn Estate Planning Advisors, Inc., to those same institutions - - so that the assets are placed into the trust for probate avoidance to work.  This may involve more than one appointment in our office or the clients residence.

Automobiles, Personal Household Items, Life Insurance Policies, Annuities, IRAs or 401(k)s or other beneficiary designated assets may not be required to be re-titled to the trust, however, Penn Estate Planning Advisors, Inc., will review these assets to determine if beneficiary designations need to be updated or corrected to make for efficient estate settlement when that time comes.

Penn Estate Planning Advisors, Inc., will provide and complete all necessary paperwork for the proper funding of your living trust, however, it is the client's responsibility to provide us copies of what we ask for in that effort.  You will be asked to provide copies of most current statements of all accounts and the proper addresses of the financial institutions involved and to disclose where all of your assets are.  Client cooperation in these efforts is essential.  Also, Penn Estate Planning Advisors, Inc. will conduct reviews at least every three to five years to determine if all estate assets are properly titled.